With all the talk about "martial law" coming to America, it is important for every American to understand what it is and then realize that there is absolutely no legal authority, state or federal, for this "form of government" to be imposed or implemented. To educate people about this extremely important matter, Edwin Vieira has written By Tyranny Out of Necessity: The Bastardy of “Martial Law”, which explains all of this and more. Edwin offers a short explanation of this book here.

It is available on Amazon.

On the above page, Edwin writes:

All too many Americans today accept the notions that, should a "national emergency" occur, only "martial law" could maintain "law and order" and secure the continuation of vital public services, and that therefore "martial law" is not only desirable but even inevitable in an era so fraught with threats from "terrorism" and other dangers against which ordinary citizens are hopelessly unprepared to defend themselves. By Tyranny Out of Necessity: The Bastardy of "Martial Law" does what the proponents of "martial law" will never do, what "patriot leaders" should have done long ago but continue to avoid doing, and what ordinary Americans need to do as soon as possible: namely, to scrutinize "martial law" with a jaundiced eye, and to dissect it piece by piece by asking-
•Exactly what are the salient characteristics of the varieties of "martial law" most relevant to this country today?
•Why is "martial law" to be feared at all if, as its proponents assert, it is fully consistent with the Constitution? On the other hand, if "martial law" is not consistent with the Constitution, why do public officials promote it, many average Americans seem to welcome it, and self-styled "patriot leaders"say that nothing can be done to stop it from being imposed in the event of a nationwide crisis?
•What, if any, constitutional basis can any form of "martial law" claim-as applied to whom, under what circumstances, and to what degree?
And finally,
•What is the one and only form of "martial law" fully consistent with the Constitution-which, because of that consistency, poses no threat to Americans' freedoms? And, perhaps most importantly, why are Americans neither conversant with this form of "martial law", nor prepared to invoke and execute it in times of national emergency?

Everybody should read this very understandable book.