I have some videos regarding the true nature of the income tax posted on YouTube and many of the unsolicited comments there would be amusing if they were not so disturbing with regard to ignorance of basic facts.  The problem with so many of our "friends" in the tax truth movement is that while they grasp the glimmer of a truth they rarely study the subject to the point of understanding.  And, they often, just like our esteemed politicians, cannot distinguish evidence from opinion.

The latest post there concerns a subject that John Kotmair and others put to rest many years ago but ignorance once uttered is often repeated ad infinitum.  There are many in the patriot movement who believe the IRS and even the government itself is an incorporated entity.  One proof of this is that there is an IRS, Inc in existance and there that proves it or that sections of the US code are in capital letters.  Anyone can create a corporation with virtually any name.  That someone has created IRS Inc is not surprising.  What is surprising is that people who purport to know the law never submit evidence that the Internal Revenue Service is an incorporated entity.  They say things like "The USA is a CORPORATION! I'm not making this up. It's all there in public records for anyone to see for themselves."  It is this lack of rigor that gave us weapons of mass destruction and a meaningless war in Iraq.

Look folks, if those who make these claims want to submit evidence, I'll be happy to entertain it and publish it on this site.  Just submit some contact information here and we can talk.  There are plenty of really smart people who make utter fools of themselves on this subject.  It is complex because it is designed to be that way.  Obfuscation works best when people are constantly confused.  The 5 minute attention span of most people today coupled with the text like nature of YouTube responses coupled with the dislike of reading long passages of text do not create a very good atmosphere for comprehension and understanding of a topic like the income tax.

We had better get it together though because while we are still de jure a constitutional Republic we are a de facto fascist state.  If there is any time left to restore a semblance of freedom, it is quickly running out.