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  • "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

    John 8:32 ... and also chiseled into the marble entrance of the CIA Central Intellegience Agency ... how's that for irony!

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... or how the Republicans became as ridiculouly irrelvant as the Democrats...

Under considerable pressure to abjure the anti-interventionist views of his father, the Senator has been engaged in a dizzying tightrope act, balancing the strong opposition to war with Iran of his activist base against the bloodcurdling war cries of his party’s neocon-dominated foreign policy establishment. Indeed, he has gone so far as to formulate his own theory of international relations, which he calls "conservative realism," that seeks to occupy a middle ground between the go-everywhere school of thought and the go-nowhere rule of thumb steadfastly maintained by the elder Paul.

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