Accolades for the book, Piercing the Illusion...

“ You have succinctly detailed the many past and continuing attempts being made by the socialists to return mankind to a state of servitude and ignorance and what steps we must take NOW to preserve our NATURAL right to be free and responsible citizens.”

Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD

“ Written in John Kotmair’s folksy style, ‘Piercing the Illusion’ was a joy to read. More importantly, it is packed with indispensable information that all Americans need to know. It serves well as another great reference tool for those in the Constitutionalist movement.”

Dave Buhlman, NH State Representative

Order Piercing the Illusion and the video series Just the Facts including the introduction to the series, The Truth About the Income Tax.

“ This book is more than enjoyable and informative - it is absolutely necessary. It should be required reading for all citizens of all ages. It should be required reading for all junior and senior high school students before graduation. All teachers should be required to memorize it, plus all books and materials associated with the footnotes. Just as I read my Bible every day for an hour or so, I read and contemplate your book an hour a day, or more it necessary. The scriptures require us to be honest and truthful citizens. This book greatly assist us in obtaining that goal.  I stopped in the office (about ten days ago) and picked up five more copies to give away. If they won’t buy it, I’ll give it. Spiritual salvation is free and I’m gonna make sure to the best of my ability physical salvation (mental also) is free. God Says, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge. . .” and I say citizens who increase their knowledge gain life - and that abundantly!!”

David Kramer

“ Informing America can be tough sledding sometimes, so whenever I need a quick, refreshing boost of side-splitting hilarity, I pick up a copy of IRS Publication 1, ‘Your Rights As A Taxpayer.’ But whenever I need a reminder of what Jimmy Madison and the boys had in mind when protecting our wallets from direct congressional pickpocketry, I review ‘Piercing the Illusion’ by John Kotmair. In this definitive autopsy of the constitutionally limited power of federal taxation, John takes a scalpel to IRS tax fraud and exposes the still-beating heart of American freedom. ‘Should be in every reading pile, right on top of the Bible ... and included free with every membership to A.A.R.P.!’”

Gordon Phillips, INFORM AMERICA!

“ ‘Piercing The Illusion’ does just that, removing any doubt that mankind can forever hide the truth and forever alter the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God through unjust weights and measures, theft of one’s property and labor - then justify those misdeeds by certain men’s civil laws which have been erroneously built upon the same fallacies which brought about their creation.”

Bryan Rusch, former Manager of

“ I’m thrilled to be in receipt of Mr. Kotmair’s marvelous work, Piercing the Illusion. Every American should read this book! Is there a paperback or case-lot printing yet? I need a copy for each of my family and friends.  An audio-book version would be great also. Mr. Kotmair’s patriarchal voice really gets the point home to the heart!”

Wayne David Teel II