The 14 hour series consisting of the videos The Truth About the Income Tax and Just the Facts has been reedited to fit into 14 programs that are each 58 minutes and 30 seconds in length.  Each program begins with a 2 second delay of black once the DVD begins playing.  For public access stations that can accept DVD in a program formatted to this length, it is playable as is.

Public Access stations play programming in all sorts of formats from Beta-SP, to DVD to MPEG files played directly from a hard drive as just a few examples.  If you are interested in getting this program played on your local cable access station, there are a few considerations to you to ponder.

  • Does your cable access station accept public access programming produced by outside producers?  Many only accept locally produced programming.  Some will accept outside programming if it is submitted by local members  There may be a membership fee associated with membership.
  • Does your public access channel accept video on DVD which is what these programs are currently produced on?  If they don't, what other formats do they accept?
  • Does your public access channel accept video that is 58 minutes 30 seconds in length?  Stations have a number of different requirements and may only play programs 30 minute segments or they might require a program that is 59:30.  The parameters are endless but we might be able to accommodate programs that are required to be between 58:30 and 60 minutes in length.

If you think it is feasible to get this program on a local channel, contact us after discussing the above questions with your local cable access station.