Hey Wolf,

Another party pointed me to a recent post by “Fake Judge” Anna posted on Crackpot Arnie’s website.

She made in that post the following baseless claim, among numerous others:
Look up the word “constitution” in any legal dictionary.  That would be a real good place for any “constitutional scholar” to start. There are “constitutions” all over the planet—- they all revolve around indebtedness. That’s why it was called a “Constitution”—  It’s a business contract—- an equity contract—-a commercial contract, nothing more or less, split into two distinct parts—- a public trust indenture and a commercial services agreement.
She obviously DID NOT look up this word in any law dictionary. I attach PDFs of the definition of “constitution” as it appears in Black’s Law Dictionary (4th) and Webster’s dictionary of 1828. As usual, she fabricates contentions trying to mislead the gullible.

The “everything is admiralty” argument has been around for years, and “Fake Judge” Anna is promoting it all over again. Those who promote the admiralty argument are nothing but liars and I address that argument here.

The top of the Washington Monument in DC, according to a popular admiralty argument, is the high water mark for admiralty jurisdiction, but this contention is nothing but an utterly false assertion. Admiralty promoters are very interested in misleading people rather than educating them about the real problems.

Larry, Nemesis of the Crackpots