John Baptist Kotmair, Jr. is a Naval Aviation veteran of the Korean Conflict, a Baltimore City police officer, home builder, and is a professional agitator for the Cause of Liberty. He’s the founder and Fiduciary of the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship who gives the reader the benefit of his experiences as a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks.  Was the purpose of America’s founding to beat the drum, wave the flag, and declare its intention to make the world safe for Democracy?   Kotmair answers this and other such fundamental questions, using the benefit of his thirty-nine year search to find the truth of what has gone wrong in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

In Piercing the Illusion he reveals the true meaning of the Individual Liberty, and the actual lawful function of government. He dispels the popular mindset about federal jurisdiction and taxing power beyond a shadow of a doubt. After reading it, the reader will no longer be befuddled by confusing financial reports about the federal budget and deficit, and its manipulation by the Federal Reserve Board. He sounds the alarm for the danger signs of the budding police state. Piercing the Illusion is must reading for Americans who are interested in preserving the Blessings of Liberty for future generations.