For more than the last 2 centuries, Congress has enacted federal criminal laws. On March 4, 1909, Congress adopted an act to codify these federal criminal laws into one act. See 35 Stat. 1088, ch 321. Contrary to popular myths about codifications, it does make tremendous sense for a legislature to group laws regarding one topic all in one act of that legislature, rather than thru 10 or 20 different acts scattered all over the place

In 1926, Congress enacted a law to create the 50 titles of the U.S. Code.

These titles were arranged alphabetically, and federal crimes were placed in title 18, USC. But, this act creating the US Code simply codified the federal laws of a general nature, and the objective was to eventually over time improve the titles.

In 1948, Congress enacted title 18 into law. See 62 Stat. 683, ch. 645, the first page of which appears here. A plain reading of the first paragraph of this act of Congress shows that Congress was enacting title 18 into positive law: that is exactly what is stated!!

However, under the assumption that he can make unfounded claims that readers will not investigate, “Judge Dale” claims that 18 USC was not enacted into law. See attachment. Is this not just another blatant lie made for deceptive purposes?